At the age of 19 years old, Mike Litman’s dream was to create a platform that could positively influence hundreds of thousands of people, and one day millions.

Mike graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1995. Here’s the resume of an individual who went for his dreams.

1992 – 19 years old – Read many success books – Started dreaming about a way to positively impact others. No idea how to do it and what to do next.

1995 – Graduated from the University of Rhode Island – 2.3 GPA

1995-2000 – 6 jobs. Hated them all.

1998 – Did a small radio show interviewing big names in the personal development/wealth building industry. Never had more than 3 listeners live. My parents were two of them.

2001 – Took the radio show tapes, got them transcribed. Wanted to turn them into a book called Conversations with Millionaires.

2001 – The publishers said “don’t waste my time.” They rejected the book outright. So we published it ourselves. 90 days later, it became #1 on amazon.com

2002 – 2006 Worked on myself. Worked on serving others. Built a multi million dollar company coaching helping people unleash their greatness and become financially free. Spoke on stage with many of the top names in the success industry.

2007 – Goal: To continue to serve as many people as possible and to continue showing them how to transform themselves from the ground up and activate their inner power.

Here’s the bottom line:
When people tell you ‘Dreams don’t come true, tell them about this story.

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